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our story


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci

the Mission

It's time for triathlon apparel to get a makeover. For years, we've struggled to find modern apparel that commanded attention without screaming for it. We longed for technical product innovation combined with stylistic, simplistic, fashion-forward excellence. We couldn't find it, so we decided to make it. 

Professional triathlete & 9-time Ironman Champion, Luke McKenzie, has been testing cycling and triathlon apparel since the early 1990's. In 2013, after wind-tunnel aerodynamics testing, Luke was one of the first triathletes to wear a sleeved skinsuit for long-course triathlon (along with that trucker hat), proving it worked when he placed 2nd at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Since then, Luke has tested an incredible variety of suits, finding certain elements in each kit that he liked or didn't. He never found a suit that maximized both aerodynamics and comfort, so we set about making one.

Luke & his wife, Beth, also a professional triathlete & Ironman Champion, put their respective areas of expertise together to launch the brand in July 2017. Beth has long been style-obsessed on the race course, but was never willing to compromise speed for fashion. She's a business-minded creative who is always looking to take things from good to great and they set out on a mission to take Luke's bucket-list idea from dream to reality.  

Every bit of material, every pocket placement, every length and seam has a purpose. That purpose: Make the most efficient, functional, and comfortable pro-level triathlon suit. Our mission is to find and create the best triathlon and cycling products in the world and deliver them to you in a modern, stylish package. 


Behind the Name

*WYN* is a shortened version of our daughter’s name, Wynne. Born in California, and raised in Australia, Wynne embodies the spirit of our worldly adventures. Wyn is also a homophone for win. Winning is a goal of ours not only on the race course, but in life. 

A *republic*  is governed for the people and by the people, focused on equality amongst the members. Our republic is our cycling and triathlon community and we hope to build a collaborative brand that is more than just apparel. We want to share not only roads, but stories, coffees and wine with other members of the republic. Our goal is to create a local communities of endurance athletes worldwide who share the same desires.

Italian materials. Designed with global inspiration from Australia & the USA.