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Article: WYN Republic Holiday Gift Guide for Him

WYN Republic Holiday Gift Guide for Him

WYN Republic Holiday Gift Guide for Him

We have round up some of our WYN republic staff favorites for men for the 2018 holiday season!

For the man that loves pink:

Sailor's Warning Skipper Jersey

Designed to pair with our Luceo bib shorts, the SKIPPER jerseys offer a twist on traditional stripes with an intriguing fade from top to bottom. In SKIPPER, we also introduce another new WYN republic distinctive feature: The heat-bonded hem and pockets. Replacing traditional stitching, the heat-bonded hem offers a clean, crisp look that style-focused riders will appreciate. 


For the trendy triathlete:

Bandwidth Trisuit

This is our #1 seller for 2018! 

Updated and even more aero in 2018, this suit now features side-entry 'floating' rear storage compartments that allow air to flow over your back, not into your pockets. 

The WYN republic sleeved tri suit is designed to combine all the features that our founder had looked for, but couldn't find in his own professional racing.

Constructed from the finest Italian textiles optimizing breathability, flexibility, quick-dry technology and aerodynamic properties. Ventilated race fabric on upper and slick, aerodynamic bottom.

Our favorite feature is the "full zip" front panel that allows this one-piece suit to act like two pieces for optimal bike to run flexibility and easy bathroom breaks. The detached two-piece construction (joined in the back) allows the cyclist to transition to run comfortably without pulling up on the crotch as often found in one-piece designs.

For the stylish cyclist:

The NEW Del Mar Jersey from the Carrefour collection

Race-cut modern jersey for a slim, aerodynamic fit. The finest Italian materials, and newly upgraded from previous jerseys with heat bonded hem and rear pockets. Professional and sleek, with longer sleeves that hit just above the elbow. Designed to look good for an hour spin to the coffee shop, or withstand an epic day.

For the man who loves saddle time:

Carrefour Premium Bib Shorts

Combining aerodynamics with ultimate comfort, our bib shorts are created to standards that will please professionals riding 1000 kilometers per week or provide ultimate luxury for the most casual weekend warrior. Italian fabrics and Tour-HP chamois. Anatomically crafted panel construction for performance under duresse. 

For the man who's channeling his Kona dreams:

Luke's Kona Trisuit

Luke's Kona 2018 lava rock replica aero+ tri suit incorporates tiny black dots with black racing stripes. Stay cool, look hot just like Luke on his way to his 10th pro finish at the 2018 World Championships. 

For the guy who loves to match:

Captain bidon

Our water bottles are simply the best you can buy. Custom Specialized Purist 22oz with MoFlo caps turn our simple designs into functional hydration that you won't want to toss in a race. 

For the runner with PR goals:

Air mesh run tank

Our air mesh tank brings "light and breathable" to a whole new level. This 'barely there' statement tank lets you run free in next-to-nothing technology. Black tank with slate grey piping. 

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