WYN republic X Ashleigh Gentle

Introducing Ashleigh Gentle, a premier addition to the WYN republic pro lineup. Currently ranked No. 2 in the world, Ashleigh is an Olympian and multiple PTO champion. Representing Australia, and strong female athletes everywhere, she is the ultimate athlete to complete our middle-distance lineup.

At WYN, our goal is to work with the best athletes, to develop the highest performance products. Together with Ash & her team, we will be working to push the boundaries of aerodynamics and high-performance triathlon apparel from our own backyard.

Our partnership reflects our mutual aspiration for a connection that is about more than just a tri suit. Ash’s Aussie roots and desire for a true team and triathlon apparel family shine through and we’re so proud to support her. She also happens to be the 10x champion of the Noosa Triathlon, so she really is our local queen
Click the "watch now" link below to hear the news from Ashleigh herself!

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