How has it possibly already been a year, yet only been a year at the same time? We're still stumbling along this new road of WYN republic and learning things every day. Year one was full of plenty of "hits" as well as our fair share of "misses". Evolving from professional triathletes focused on brawn, to entrepreneurs focused on brains has challenged us in every way possible and we're looking forward to continuing to bust out of our own seams (figuratively, that is- our WYN republic apparel seams don't bust). 

We're celebrating our anniversary with the "radio static" statement collection that we hope embodies the progress that our brand has made this past year. The design is a little more curated and the details are a bit more refined. The finished product is different than anything out there, but not in a 'left field' kind of way. 

What's in a name? More than you'd think. Our 'radio static' collection features two designs: 'white noise' & 'bandwidth'. 'Radio static' is our personal credo for racing and training: It's the mental cue to focus within and tune out the noise. At the end of the day, endurance sports are about you vs. you. Getting into the grind and staying there until it becomes a part of you. When you tune out the noise, you're left with the reverberations of your own heartbeat and the echos of your breath, the essence of yourself. Tune in to tune out. 

The optically illusive black & white 'radio static' pattern

 Thanks for sharing in our beginnings. Cheers to year number two, 

Beth & Luke McKenzie


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