5 Steps to Avoiding Mind Games Caused by Change

by Clayton Fettell

Recent events have put athletes all over the world into a spin of under training, lack of motivation and mornings of uncertainty of what to do? CF racing athletes have individually approached me with different issues that are all fundamentally caused by life’s current instability and a new change in race date or still no listed date. I am teaching my athletes to train to be a better and more rounded athlete and not necessarily focusing on a race date, trust me the races are coming. Here are 5 steps to avoid the mind games that you might be playing with yourself right now:

1. Stop - If you are training with a lack of direction and no real structure or reason then stop, now is the time to make a restart with reason and purpose. 

2. Plan - This is an opportunity for you to use your time wisely. If you have always dreamt of having the time to work on a weak discipline there’s no better time then now. 

3. Start - Take action ‘ Mood follows action ‘ once the plan is clear it's up to you to start training. You can’t just plan and hope, it takes work. 

4. Community - Surround yourself with a community that supports your plan. We currently have daily CF Zwift group rides/ forums/ live feeds to our coaches/ group chats and sponsors that support our athletes to becoming better athletes. 

5. Enjoy - Consistency is the most important element when building a great athlete. When you’re enjoying what you’re doing you won’t miss a session. 

I hope this helps get you on track and my other hidden gem is to keep drinking coffee and enjoy the odd drink. ;) See you at the races.

Clayton Fettell is a professional triathlete from Australia, Head coach of CF racing and a multiple Ironman 70.3 champion. 

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